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– What do I get with my ticket?

Each ticket holder will be sent 11 beers plus a souvenir glass. Everyone will receive the Festival Set of beers which is a set of 5 beers PLUS their choice from 6 different beer styles which will be a set of 6 beers making up the 11.

We will be offering 7 different types of live-hosted tasting, and across the weekend there will be at least two of each type to give people the chance, if they can’t make one, to join the other.

– How much are tickets?

Tickets cost £46.00

– What if I only drink Cider/Perry?

We are also offering a cider/perry box of 11 bottles of fantastic UK made products plus the opportunity to join two live tastings that correspond to the cider you receive.

 – How do I access the tastings and tours etc?

When you purchase your ticket you will be sent an email confirmation with your ticket information included. There will be login details to the ticket holder area of the website which is where you will find links to all the live and pre-recorded content plus access to the group socials.

 – Where do I find the ticket holders login details?

These will be shown on your ticket

– When can I expect my beer/cider to arrive?

The beer will be arriving the first week of September. The cider boxes are being delivered in 2 batches early in the second week of September and are split into two boxes so they may arrive at different times during the week.

 – Can I watch all the live tastings?

Yes you can and we would certainly encourage you to however the beer box you are sent with your ticket will correspond to just one tasting style.

–  How long will the pre-recorded content be available for?

The Pre-recorded content will be available for the duration of the weekend festival. After the festival you will need to be a CAMRA member to access it.

– Do I have to be a CAMRA member to buy a ticket?

Not at all but if you are interested in becoming a CAMRA member visit https://join.camra.org.uk/

 – If I want to join CAMRA how do I do that?

For more information about how to join CAMRA and what you can expect from your membership take a look here

– What size beers/ciders can I expect in the box you send?

They are mostly 440ml cans/500ml bottles, but there may be a few 330ml. The US beer set of 6 will be made up of 12oz cans/bottles

– Can I buy tickets and have the beer/cider delivered outside of the UK?

Sadly we are unable to deliver the beer boxes outside of the UK on this occasion

– Are refunds available on tickets

We are unable to offer any refunds on tickets once the beer boxes have been shipped



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11-13 September 2020



CAMRA - The Campaign for Real Ale Ltd.

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